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28 Jan

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iPhone Tricks You Might Not Know

I found some tips and tricks when using your iPhone, just follow the link below.


How to save YouTube songs


Step 1: Download this free app: Download Lite (with this you can save 10 songs)

20120128-164731.jpgStep 2: go to YouTube, select your clip, while it’s playing tap the little envelope on the right.

20120128-165125.jpgStep 3: select & copy the song link

20120128-165355.jpgStep 4: google: YouTube to mp3 Converter. Or Click on this link: www.youtube-mp3.org/

20120128-165739.jpgStep 5: paste your YouTube song link in the space & tap “convert video” (this will take 3 seconds)

20120128-170139.jpgStep 6: tap on “Download”

20120128-170208.jpgStep 7: tap on “done”

20120128-170222.jpgStep 8: double tap on your song link & “select all” then “copy”

Step 9: Tap on & open your “download lite” app (see first pic)

20120128-172906.jpgStep 10: Tap on “Download” (bottom of screen) then tap on the “+” at the top right

20120128-173236.jpgStep 11: Paste your copied link in the space & tap “Done”

20120128-174201.jpgStep 12: To listen to your song. Tap “Files” at bottom of screen

20120128-174744.jpgStep 13: Tap on “Open”

20120128-175035.jpgStep 14: Tap on “Open with Custom Player” your song will play, enjoy!

Online Game (not on iPhone)
Visit my room;




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